Mayweather in Okc !

This Year is off to an interesting start with Art classes , Tattooing and o Floyd Mayweather ! Museart society was glad to be apart of this event with Floyd and to paint an awesome portrait of the Lightweight Boxing Champion of the world ! Special thanks to all that made this happen Studio XII Floyd Dr.Peoples and many more ! 



Thats right Ebony QUEEN has a new home . We here are so sad to see her go , she was so beautiful !!! But what better place to have her then in the throne room of a strong family  who may love her just a little and i mean a little more than me ! Dr. Peoples and his lovely wife Brittany Peoples . These two have shown so much love and support for MuseART , i owe my success to people like you. I was glad to let EBONY QUEEN enjoy her new life with the two Africans who are truly King and Queen ! 

hotep ! 

Art in the Nude Updates!!!

We are off to a great start in this first week of painting in the nude ! first off id like to extend my gratitude to our lovely Model NNeka Uwudia ! she is an amazing artist herself and was gracious enough to sit with us for an entire 4 hours !! thank you NNeka ! also thanks to everyone who came out to learn about this oil Painting course !  Yesterday we started off with a short introduction to the course and what would be in store for the artists . There was a detailed sketching application where we graphed and plotted correlating points that helped us find our proportions correctly on the canvas ! , after that we used our rulers and extended arms for more detailed measuring. This lead us finally to facial recognition and details . after a quick face graph we moved on to some shading and detail work !!! 

Everyone did an amazing job and im having a very hard time figuring out which one i like the best !! this is going to be a hard decision selecting which painting will be in the art show !!! good luck to all the artist though . and remember the finer points of the night session , Memory and observation !!! this is what we are actually sharpening with this art skill. Remember how this painting process mirrors the life process, Use it everyday and your skills will become magnanimous . thanks you 






Raw Artists Okc @Farmers Market December 14th

  Hey World !! I hope good vibes are flowing your way . We are blessed to be here in this space and time . Today is a special day for me, as i am  glad to be able to share my art work with the community and to the world . I want to share a special event with you all and invite you to one of my biggest Art shows in OKC this year ! I will be working with RAWartists - Washington, DC and Farmers Market Okc to bring to you an amazing  show featuring all types of  Visual and Musical artists and festivities . There will be over 800+ people in attendance at this show  so the more the merrier !!.  You can click the link below to learn just a little background on RawArtists Organization and get educated on how YOU can Join this great Artists Movement ! But Hey ! I need your help and support with this one tho . I have to sell 20 tickets by december 7th! They are 15$ if u buy from me , and $20 at the door , This is an all ages show so bringing your family is a great great idea ! I have plenty of new works that i have been hiding from all of you lol sneaky sneaky . I can't wait to show you all of the new stuff !!!! SOOoo Please help support this huge opportunity for me and  click the link tobuy a ticket now , experience some great art dj's music and more. see you there !! . lets get it okc !

"trade SHow " and costume party

"trade SHow " and costume party

Come dressed to impress in your best Halloween costume , Lets trade some artwork ,barter art and network with the local artists . This is literally an excuse to get to know easy other as artists ! call for 6019669 for any further info 

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Markus Muse

Art is life, and life is art. Every medium becomes a utensil that we use in our own paintings of life. Every memory becomes a brushstroke amongst a a lifetime of bristles and have been and will continue to stroke these canvases of our minds.

Our every changing perspectives give us the ability to reach for progression. Evolution is what we are painting, self expression is our reference. The more we fail in the process, the livelier is our sketch, the more constructed is our illustration, the more exact is our perspective of reality.